So the epic history begins with two boys on opposite ends of the world...  

Bus Door Films.

Bradley Gantt

Bradley Gantt is a filmmaker with well over fifteen years of professional experience in the industry. He brings his extensive knowledge of cinematic techniques, lighting setups, editing, and visual effects give each video project a life of its own.


When Bradley was a kid in Indiana, he started by shooting experimental videos on VHS tapes in the woods behind his family home. Today, he still brings that never-ending passion to his work today as he enjoys pushing cinema to new heights. 


He loves local micro brewed beers and running in the mornings.  Want to run a marathon with him and the RED camera? Come and join him!

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Dustin Maynard

Dustin Maynard is a Business Manager with over seven years of experience working at large-scale corporations. Known for his excellent rapport with the people, he excels in creating a positive environment that pushes performance beyond company goals. With a proven track-record of effective directing and overseeing multiple operations, Dustin will handle all business communications involving CRM. 


Recruited as a motivational speaker for numerous events centered around Disability Awareness and the power of becoming Inclusive, Dustin shows his passion in creating engaged workforces. He is excited to bring his skill-set to Bus Door Films in a new, and adventurous field. In his free time, he enjoys writing, cooking superhero burgers, and traveling the country with his wife and daughters.

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Ruan du Plessis

Born in South Africa where lions, zebras, and elephants roam the land, Ruan du Plessis has an eye for the lens.


Ruan moved to the United States when he was fourteen and settled in Indiana for his high school years. At Indiana School for the Deaf, he found his passion for filmmaking when the school gave him an opportunity to make a motion picture. His passion didn’t stop there. Ruan continued to enrich his filmmaking talents working with ASL Films and Rustic Lantern Films. Over those years working with the two film companies, he produced a total of nine films! Ruan then landed a job at Communication Service for the Deaf and refined his skills with a marketing perspective before becoming one of the co-founders of Bus Door Films.


His goal? Fill in the gaps between the film industry and the Deaf community. He's more than happy introduce you to lions from South Africa 😎

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