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So the epic history begins with two boys on opposite ends of the world...

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

In June of 2019, we achieved our dream of starting our own video production business.

This is a short summary of how Bus Door Films came into existence.

[FADE IN] When Bradley was a kid, he began shooting experimental videos on VHS tapes in the woods behind his family home in Indiana. Meanwhile in South Africa where lions and elephants roam the land, Ruan watched uncaptioned VHS movies in his living room, with a growing desire to learn filmmaking. [CAMERA ZOOM IN] Some time later, Ruan moved to Indiana with his family in search of better opportunities. That was when Bradley and Ruan first met at Indiana School for the Deaf and discovered they were both interested in making films. Their partnership was destined to be. [INT CLOSE UP] While at school, Bradley and Ruan shared what they knew about filming with each other, studying and learning together. When they were 18-years old, their hard work paid off when they got their first official professional gig: a full-length feature film project named Forget Me Not. Although their life journeys took them to different colleges and different states over the years, their paths kept crossing in the film world and they have honed their skills together on numerous projects. Through many film productions, they have experienced the challenges of filmmaking, from wrestling cameras through muddy creeks, to shooting underwater, to filming from planes. Their shared passion for making films has continued to grow. [CUT TO] When will you turn your love of filmmaking into a business partnership? When will you set up a video production company together? When will it happen? When, really? That’s what friends, families, and coworkers kept on asking them. Well, the time has come. [FADE OUT]



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