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Takin' the Bus to Outer Space!

On December 12th, of 2020, Bus Door Films launched its video straight into outer space!

Wait! What? How? Outer Space?!

FOX channel (on a national TV broadcast) aired “Space for All”, an episode of Xploration Outer Space, that will also be available on Amazon Prime as well. This is the work we directly filmed, and we are proud to say they included Ruan du Plessis and Bradley Gantt in the

ending credits! What an honor it was to be a part of this amazing backstory

Speaking of the backstory - Xploration Outer Space - gained a lot of popularity from the Deaf community when they announced Julia Velasquez as the winner of the @StudentAstronaut content on their social media back in July of 2017. The company surprised Julia in her class with an unexpected interview that floored everyone.

Fast forward to 2020 - Xploration Outer Space and Bus Door Films collaborated to create a video segment on David Myers, a member of the Gallaudet Eleven and very prominent deaf figure in the space community. Trust us when we say, this was an interview made for the stars!

In case you didn't know, Xploration Outer Space is an Emmy nominated science TV Show hosted by Emily Calandrelli otherwise known as @thespacegal. This show airs in 100 million homes across the country on FOX affiliated networks and all episodes are available on Amazon Prime. Needless to say, we are beyond proud of being involved in creating their video segment for these amazing history makers!

Fast forward to 2025 - Ruan du Plessis of Bus Door Films is among the first crew of people to fly to Mars in the famous Space X Rocket! Only a prediction, of course. :-)

P.S. Did you know that Ruan is a long time follower of fellow South Afrikaner - Elon Musk? Whether it be Tesla or Space X, I would be hard pressed to find a person more knowledgable than Ruan. As a matter of fact, you can routinely catch Ruan speaking LIVE giving you a full play-by-play on the Space X rocket launches in ASL! If it wasn't for filming, he would be in a rocket right now. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't be surprised if he adds thrusters on the Bus one day.

If you have an existing Amazon Prime account, here’s the link: (Season 6, Episode 5)


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