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Supporting Deaf Entrepreneurs!

Have you ever stopped to think what it would be like if you could make your dreams come true? Do you remember that idea you had to open up a pizza parlor and establish franchises all over the US? What about that idea you had to form a mental and emotional health center to help those in need? Maybe you are just darn good at numbers and want to open up a business and provide tax services?

During our career we have met thousands of amazing Deaf people who had an idea, a wish, a dream to establish their own business. Unfortunately, many people just feel like they do not know where to start. Once they start doing a little research, they simply become overwhelmed with all that is needed to do.

"Should I open up as an LLC or a Solo Proprietorship?"

"If I hire a contractor, do I use a 1099 or W2 form?"

"Wait, I need to reserve 30% aside from every transaction for Federal taxes?"

"How do I pay myself as an owner of the company when I need all revenue going towards

the business?"

"What platform should I use to track all financial expenses?"

"Should I hire a lawyer to protect my services?"

"What type of insurance do I need to protect my business?"

Yet we haven't even scratched the biggest question of them all. Where are you going to get the money and the support you need to start your business?

There is always a new beginning. Doors are unlimited. Opportunities are unlimited. You just need to know which door to open.

In June of 2019, as employees of CSD’s creative marketing business unit, Communication Service for the Deaf had launched their SVF program otherwise known as the Social Venture Fund. We realized our lifelong dream could finally come true if we walked through those doors. We decided to seek the opportunity to become one of their partners and launched our own personal filming business that would lead us into other cinematographic adventures. We accomplished our goal at the right time. You know what they say - When one door closes, another Bus Door opens. Ok, maybe that’s not exactly how the saying goes. :-) But that’s what happened to us!

As you know, Bus Door Films was founded on our talents. However, all businesses come with behind-the-scene operations to keep the business afloat and usually that is in regards to infrastructure, legal paperwork, and marketing plans. This is where CSD shines. If you need support, they’ll do everything in their power to help provide the resources you need. They wanted to see us succeed. They managed the original logistics and pointed us in the right direction in terms of what was needed to establish the business as a whole. Not only that, they have a finance department that reviews and assures we are making smart decisions. They created connections that led to projects.

We knew CSD could be a trusted partner with all the available resources that would enable us to succeed. Secondly, our business does not come cheap. Most businesses are expensive to establish. CSD was able to support the initial funding which was a key step along with a crash course into business infrastructure with a team that cares in the first several months. We were able to use CSD’s Connect Direct’s services where they have representatives trained to answer potential customers accordingly. As of recently, they are utilizing their PR and marketing team to help support the SVF partners from a communications and marketing perspective. The support is endless.

So, where are we today?

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